Latin America

Bolivia’s Hidden Kingdom

In the subtropical Yungas valleys, about 60 miles northeast of La Paz, Bolivia’s capital, you will find a small kingdom of Afro-Bolivians. This little kingdom has a population of about

Latin America

Bolivian Interim President Arrested

The former interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Añez, was recently arrested by the new socialist government that was voted in this past October. The Movement for Socialism (MAS) arrested Añez


12 Principles of Carey’s Covenant

A.T. Pierson, in his book, The Divine Enterprise of Missions, shares the following 12 principles and explanation about a covenant that missionaries Carey, Marshman, and Ward drew up to guide


Potential Twitter Ban in Russia

Russian authorities are strongly considering banning Twitter due to it’s refusal to remove banned content. Russian authorities allege that the site contains illegal posts that have not been removed by


Need in Singapore

Singapore is a relatively new country. A former British colony, it gained independence from Malaysia in 1965. At the time of independence, Singapore would have been considered a third-world country.

Latin America

It’s Raining Fish??

For the last two hundred years, the village of Yoro, Honduras has experienced an unusual yearly phenomena–raining fish! Once or twice a year after a massive rainfall, villagers will find

Latin America

Surge in Border Crossings in Chile

There has been an increase in the number of Venezuelan migrants crossing the border between Chile and Bolivia on foot. Chile has seen around 200 migrants a day cross its

Latin America

Censure in Nicaragua

Freedom of the press is something we often take for granted in the United States, but the desire for that freedom is not unique to our country. Nicaraguans desire that


Missionary Racism

Court cases, marches, protests, books, movies, and much more reveal how racist the world and society in which we live can really be. But sadly there is another kind of

Latin America

Setting Records in Brazil

As many countries worldwide are beginning to find relief from the COVID pandemic, Brazil is begging its citizens to stay home and take precautions as they experience the worst outbreak

Latin America

Pray for Paraguay

Sandwiched between Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia, Paraguay has become a key trans-shipment point in drug trafficking and smuggling. A major marijuana producer, Paraguay has also transformed into a pivotal route

Church Planting

Ideas for Church Plants

Show and tell your people what all ministerial positions look like — be specific about what an usher, musicians, teacher, etc., should do and how they should act. Put a tract

Latin America

Murdered for a Lie

An inquiry in Colombia has found that 6,402 civilians were killed by the military between 2002 and 2008 and falsely passed off as enemy combatants. The army’s aim was to

Latin America

Unrest in Haiti

Haiti’s citizens are in a state of civil unrest as fear of current President Jovenel Moïse grows rapidly. According to public and government records, President Moïse’s last day in office


Who Will Go to the 9 Million in Serbia?

After World War 2, the Soviets took over Serbia and combined several countries into what was called Yugoslavia. In the 90s, parts of Yugoslavia broke away and the country was


Marriage On the Decline In Estonia

A recent study revealed that Estonians marry less now than they used to 20-30 years ago. In 2018, there were only 6 marriages per 1000 adults which is about half


Who Will Go To Mozambique?

Missionary Mark Coffey recently return from a survey trip to Mozambique with a young couple who are praying about going there as missionaries. From the research they have done, they


Preparing for Furlough

Furlough is an important time in a missionary’s life. It can be viewed as an annoying hiccup in ministry and therefore ignored, but furlough can be a great thing for the


A Sea of Souls

     The one thing that impressed me the most when I first arrived in China was the masses of people. It is not like I had never been in

Latin America

Cuba’s Continuing Struggle for Clean Water

It has been said that the average American uses up to 88 gallons of water per day. Whether this water is used for showering, brushing teeth, washing clothes, dishes, or

Latin America

Guatemalan migrants killed near US-Mexico border

A Guatemalan village is still reeling from the devastating loss of 19 people. A few weeks ago, 19 burnt bodies were discovered near the northern Mexico and United States border.

Latin America

Latin America’s Year of Elections

Last week’s presidential elections in Ecuador launched a busy political year in Latin America. Chile, Haiti, Honduras, Peru, and Nicaragua are all due to hold national elections, while Argentina, El


Iceland’s Unemployment Rate Continues to Rise

The national unemployment rate of Iceland continues to rise. It is now 11.6% and trending upward. The country now has its highest number of people to ever receive benefits. One


Denmark Increases Spending on Arctic Defense

As ice in the Arctic shrinks, various countries like Russia, China, and America have begun exploring the strategic implications of the region. Greenland and the Faroe Islands are under Danish

Latin America

A True “Rags to Riches” Possibility

For anybody who’s been keeping up with international news the last few years, the Venezuelan financial crisis, which started in 2014 with the rise of a socialistic government, is perhaps

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