Latin America News: The Argentine Crisis

By Nate Gaffney, OGTC Intern Argentina has experienced an increase in COVID-19 cases since the initial lockdown of their borders. This increase has caused them to extend their quarantine protocols

Latin America

Suffering with out the Savior

Many South American countries have suffered tremendously over the past few months due to the Corona virus, on top of other political and sociological issues that already existed. One country


26 Die in Ukrainian Aircraft Crash!

According to this article, “Searchers combing the area where a Ukrainian military aircraft crashed found two more bodies Saturday, bringing the death toll to 26. One person survived. “The plane,


European Army Plans Face Battlefield Reality in Africa

Orignal post: https://www.wsj.com/articles/european-army-plans-face-battlefield-reality-in-africa-11600858800#:~:text=BRUSSELS%E2%80%94In%20a%20troubled%20part,its%20reliance%20on%20the%20U.S.&text=Military%20and%20civilian%20deaths%20are,extremist%20groups%20has%20risen%20sharply. European forces have been sent into an area in Africa known as the Sahel. It is directly south of the Sahara desert that encompasses land in Mali,


The Surveillance Network in China is expanding!

News agencies around the globe, including CNN Business and EpochTimes are reporting an increase in Chinese surveillance during the pandemic. Based on these reports, it appears that the Chinese government

Latin America

Corruption and the Need for Christ

As a missionary to Bolivia it always saddens me to hear about the corruption and deceit that often takes place in the Bolivian government. In a recent news article, Bolivia’s

Latin America

Latin America News: Violence in Colombia

By Chestley Howell, Missionary to Colombia In Colombia, the recent death of Javier Ordonez led to violent protests and clashes between civilians and law enforcement over police brutality. Thirteen people


Taiwan to Purchase New Weapons Systems from US

Reuters reported that Taiwan will purchase seven major weapon systems from the United States. The effort is to create a “porcupine” model of heavily defended beaches, instead of the previous


Every Believer, a Soul Winner: Our Purpose

Every Believer, a Soul Winner: Our Purpose Yes, you may now know and understand that every believer is to be a soul winner, but sadly, too many people make it

Center News

Blessed Beyond Measure

I am sure that you know by now that God has graciously blessed the Baptist Center for World Evangelism with over $700,000 towards this project. We are wonderfully and awesomely


Exciting Discovery for Turkey!

Recently Turkey has been in the news because of their discovery of natural gas in the Black Sea. For many years Turkey has been looking and trying to find their


Flooding in Turkey

Last week the Black Sea region was hit by heavy rainfall. This rainfall caused major flooding in the area. Many people have been injured and have lost their homes, jobs

Latin America

Latin America News: Long Life in Ecuador!

By Kason Bloom, Missionary to Ecuador Although the past year has been filled with many sad news stories of COVID-19 and the death that it has caused, one Ecuadorian couple


Chlorine Leak Causes Thousands To Flee!

In Leshan City, China, already one of the hardest-hit cities in the Sichuan Province by floods, had a chemical accident on August 20th.  Thick smoke surrounded the chemical plant, emitting


Horses Being Killed, Mutilated Across France

Orignal Aritcle: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/08/29/horses-being-killed-ritually-mutilated-emptied-of-blood-across-france/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+breitbart+%28Breitbart+News%29 Over the last few months, horses across Northern France have been being attacked, bled out, and mutilated. Police are flummoxed as to the motivations behind these cruel


Riots in Sweden

Riots have broken out in the town of Malmo, Sweden after Korans were burnt in the street. The Korans were burnt in reaction to the far-right party “Hard Line” not


Mayonnaise Ice Cream? Available in Japan!

In many countries around the world there are strange, weird and unusual snacks available.  Japan is no exception, they have Chocolate-covered shrimp crackers, Banana Yoghurt Fanta soft drink by Coca-Cola,


More Health Problems For North Korean Leader!

It has been reported by many news sources (disrn.com and newsmax.com, and thediplomat.com) that leadership responsibilities have been transferred to key aides, including sister Kim Yo Jong.  This in light


Quarantined and left to pay the bill

Many Chinese returning from Thailand this month were upset to learn they must be quarantined for 14-days in a Yunnan Province hotel.  Their passports and other documents confiscated and they must

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