President Biden Urges Serbia to Recognize Kosovo

This past Sunday, President Biden wrote a letter to Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic asking him to recognize Kosovo. Kosovo is a disputed state in the Balkans that declared independence from

Latin America

Amendment Against Abortion in Honduras

“The unborn shall be considered as born for all rights accorded within the limits established by law. It is prohibited and illegal for the mother or a third party to


Russia Detains A Record 5000 People in 1 Day

According to the Human Rights Watch website, Russia set a record last weekend by detaining 5000 people in a single day! Many of these people were protesting the arrest of


YouTubers Move to Andorra For Lower Tax Rate

Andorra is a small country located in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. It is the sixth-smallest nation in Europe with an area of 181 square miles and about


Portugal Moves to Legalize Euthanasia

On Friday, January 29, 2020, Portugal’s parliament voted to allow euthanasia for terminally ill patients. The lawmaker called the approval of the bill “a democratic answer to fundamentalism.” The law


Bosnia Urges EU to help with migrant crisis

Bosnia’s migrant crisis continues to increase. Many migrants have come to the country hoping for a better way of life in Europe. Bosnia and Herzegovina have reached out to European


Poland Enforces Abortion Ban

In October 2019, the constitutional court of Poland found a 1993 abortion law unconstitutional. The ruling was supported by the government of Poland which has strong ties to the Catholic

Latin America

An Abundance of Religions

Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been dubbed the “Paris of the Southern Hemisphere” and the “New York City of South America.” This is because the city has such diversity in cultures


Covid Situation in Portugal Critical

The Portuguese healthcare system is under major pressure as infection rates and hospitalisations rise. Some hospitals are no longer able to accept patients and others have long delays for ambulances.


Spain to Introduce ‘Vaccination Certificate’

Spain plans to join other European countries which are planning to introduce a ‘vaccination certificate’ that would enable those with the vaccine to travel and help the tourism sector to


Albanian Soldier Has Died in Afghanistan

A solder from Albania has died in Afghanistan as part of an international peacekeeping mission. Xhevahir Jazaj passed away on January 19th. Albania is a small Balkan country in southeastern


The Next 10 Weeks Tough For European Countries

According to Austria’s health minister, the next ten weeks look to be tough for European countries as countries seek to contain the spread of coronavirus. After a long and tough


Portugal Suspends All Flights to Britain

This past Thursday, Portugal suspended all flights to and from Britain as the country seeks to contain the rapid spread of the new variant of coronavirus. Portugal has seen a

Latin America

Hope for Honduras

Since Friday, January 15th, some 7,000-8000 Hondurans have tried to make their way through Guatemala in an attempt to immigrate to the United States. Guatemalan forces pushed back the caravans


Sweden Adjusts Pandemic Approach

Sweden took a ‘contrarian approach to the pandemic’ by not introducing lockdowns or many restrictions but has begun to change its approach as COVID-19 related cases and deaths rise. Sweden

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Our Generation Easter Offering

Throughout the Bible, we clearly see God’s plan for His people to reach this world with the gospel. The Great Commission is given to churches to take the gospel to


Azerbaijan Ranked as 5th Happiest Country

A recent poll found that Azerbaijan is one of the ‘happiest’ places in the world. The study ranked the country 5th after Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan, Ecuador and Colombia. The capital of

Latin America

Chosen for the Task

Now that Chile has decided to rewrite its constitution, it will fall to the citizens to select those who will put pen to paper and draft something worthy of the


Latvia Completes First-Ever Drone Delivery

Engineers in Latvia successfully completed the first-ever parcel delivery via drone in December 2020. The flight was done entirely over a mobile network and has been heralded as a ‘great

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