Pakistan and Bangladesh

I recently came across this article and infographic (Click Here) which divides a world map into four sections of equal population. What may be shocking to some is the two


London Tower Bridge Gets Stuck Open

The famous Tower Bridge in London was stuck open for an hour this past Saturday! It is over 100 years old and continues to raise and lower to allow ships


Asia News: China doesn’t like US sailing near Taiwan

According to an article by the Free Republic China’s military said on Wednesday the latest U.S. navy sailing near Chinese-claimed Taiwan was “extremely dangerous” The U.S. guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin


Asia News: Flooding in China

China is facing massive flooding. According to an article by the Financial Times, China’s famous Three Gorges dam recently hit its record for the highest water level ever in its

Latin America

Latin America News: Uncertainty in Mexico

By Katherine Holt, OGTC Student Due to the global pandemic, Mexico’s economic output is suffering as never before. In the first quarter alone, their gross domestic product steeped 17.3%. In


Asia News: COVID-19 in Dalian China

Recently there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 in Dalian China. As soon as cases started appearing the authorities began quarantining different neighborhoods. While the entire city has not been

Latin America

Latin America News: Looming Economic Disaster

By Stephen Carrier, Missionary to Chile Latin America has been an interesting case study in how different nations are handling COVID-19. Some countries, like Peru, have almost locked down entirely,


More clashes with China over Hong Kong

The China ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming on Thursday stated that China would stop recognizing British passports.  This threat is the latest in the class between London and Beijing after

Latin America

Latin America News: The Brazilian Situation

By Nate Gaffney, OGTC Intern “We don’t know if when we leave home, we will come back – I don’t have the will to live anymore,” says Joyce da Silva


Covid & South Africa

Death tolls are rising, and the Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in South Africa. Get informed on what is happening in South Africa from this article. Read here.


Asia News: Increased Persecution in India

Persecution has been on the rise recently in India. According to an article by the Christian Post there have been over 135 cases of persecution already in 2020. The most


Asia News: Major Flooding in China

China has experienced a record amount of rainfall and flooding in the past couple of weeks. More heavy rain is forecasted. According to an article by the epoch times all

Latin America

Latin America News: From Marxism to Murder

He taught philosophy in the 1960s and ’70s in Ayacucho, Peru, championing Marxist ideas and causes in the classroom that spilled out into real life. Abimael Guzmán would later form


Why Take the Gospel to the Muslim World?

Why take the Gospel to the Muslim World? Why should one consider taking the gospel to the Muslim world? I mean it will be difficult and hard. Why not consider


Persecution in West Africa

The death toll is rising in Nigeria as Islamic radical groups martyr Christian. The estimates have passed 1200 Christian in 2020. For more information, read this article.

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