Bolivia’s Hidden Kingdom

In the subtropical Yungas valleys, about 60 miles northeast of La Paz, Bolivia’s capital, you will find a small kingdom of Afro-Bolivians. This little kingdom has a population of about 2,000 people and is mostly made up of farmers that grow coca, citrus, and coffee. The city of Mururata is the center of this kingdom, where the king, Julio Pinedo, lives and rules over the communities. It would be hard to recognize King Pinedo from day-to-day, as he works in his little store selling different fruits, canned food, soft drinks, cookies, and other basic supplies.

In 2007, Pinedo was crowned and became the first of this little kingdom’s monarchs to be officially recognized by the Bolivian government. Pinedo’s powers are similar to that of a traditional chief. He does not collect taxes or have a police force, but he proudly represents the Afro-Bolivian community in Bolivia.

As king of this little kingdom, Pinedo cares deeply for his people and takes his responsibilities very seriously. The people know him and love him. Sadly, many people in this hidden kingdom still don’t know of the true King, the better King who laid down His life on the cross for their sins. Would you pray for the people in Bolivia, that they would learn about King Jesus and His love and sacrifice for them? Would also pray about the role that God may have you play in getting the gospel to Bolivia?

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