Can the EU Save Moldova?

The coronavirus pandemic has stressed many nations financially, especially more poverty-stricken countries like Moldova. In 2020, the European Union gave Moldova–who is not an EU member–more than 127 million euros in grants to help ease some of the financial burden. Recently, the EU has announced that a 600 million euro recovery plan will be given over a three-year period beginning in 2021. This financial recovery plan is contingent on Moldova passing anti-corruption reforms. Next month, citizens will vote in an election to fill the empty seats vacated after Moldovan president Sandu dissolved parliament. President Sandu’s election platform emphasized good relations and trade with the European Union, and many Moldovan citizens favor their country becoming an EU member.

Many citizens no doubt think that joining the EU will help the financial status of Moldova. The economy is so poor that one quarter of Moldovan job-seekers look for work outside of the country. Proportionally, more women are trafficked from Moldova than from any other country. All of the troubles Moldovans face cannot be remedied by joining a union of countries. To add to the hardships the Moldovan people endure, many do not have the peace that comes with a personal relationship with God. Less than 4% of the population claim to be evangelical Christian. Missionaries and churches are needed throughout the nation to minister to the hurting. Please pray that Christians would answer the call to reach Moldova with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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