Missions History


Mr BELOVED BROTHER RICE : In encouraging other young men to come out as missionaries, do use the greatest caution. One wrong-headed, conscientiously obstinate fellow would ruin us. Humble, quiet, persevering men ; men of sound, sterling talents, (though, perhaps, not brilliant,) of decent accomplishments, and some natural aptitude to acquire a language ; men...
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I am often told that people in our ministry that are not foreign missionaries or training to be one feel like second class citizens. I am told that the level of commitment at Vision is intimidating. I want you to know that it shouldn’t be and confess that I might not make some things clear....
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Today we fear persecution. The early church responded very differently. They stated that the cruelties only served as a lure to the sect. Under persecution they filled the cities and country with new believers. God give us the courage to step forward and face what ever the devil may hurl at us with boldness and...
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