Pastor Austin Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush discuss the indigenous principle of church planting. In light of the indigenous principle, they discuss ways that a church becomes too dependent on a missionary as well as how to avoid situations like that. First, not teaching on givingMissionaries don’t have to worry about their salaryThey don’t...
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The following article is written by OGTC student Gram Young. The church has no rest until every person in the world hears the gospel of Jesus Christ. He meant it when he commanded us to teach all nations and be witnesses to the whole world (Matt. 28:19, Acts 1:8,) and he proved that when he...
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This week, Pastor Austin Gardner and VBM Director Jeff Bush will give some practical tips on what you and your church can do to have a great missions conference. In the podcast several things are referenced which there are links for below. Also, if you have questions or need more info, Jeff Bush’s info will...
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