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While going through old posts on this blog, I came across this 10-year-old post by Pastor Austin Gardner. In it, he lists many things he was dreaming God would allow Vision Baptist Church to do. Though there is still much more to be done, it is exciting to realise how God has done many of...
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God has blessed greatly. $341,380.21 has come in for the Center for World Evangelism. God is moving and doing great things. $50,000 came in from a stock transfer. You can learn more about that here. The stock had accrued larger gains and so giving this way allowed the person to avoid taxes and still get...
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104 Church of Sweden churches have closed since the year 2000. The Swedish government financially supports these churches each year but due to a lack of interest the churches are quickly dying. They are being demolished or even turned into mosques. The Church of Sweden is not a Biblical church. They have expressed a fondness...
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