News about what is going on in the continent of Asia from a mission’s perspective.

I just finished chatting with a missionary friend in China. They are in special need of prayer right now. God is doing a great work through this young couple. Satan is upset and going to cause more trouble. Let me kind of catch you up on what is going on. Of course it is against...
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Heaven Hybrids taken with permission from Imagine there’s three guys in front of you. Each one of them is given a hundred bucks. Then they are told that after an hour, something’s going to happen with their money. The first guy is told that after an hour, whatever money he has left will be taken...
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I had the great joy of eating lunch with Chad Phillips. He, his wife, and two kids will be headed to Cambodia to serve as missionaries. I loved hearing his story. He grew up in the youth group of Victory Baptist Church and they are now sending him out. As a youth pastor I can...
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Official Name: Republic of India Geography: Area: 3.29 million sq. km. (1.27 million sq. mi.); about one-third the size of the U.S. Capital City: New Delhi (pop. 12.8 million) Other major cities: Mumbai, formerly Bombay (16.4 million) Kolkata, formerly Calcutta (13.2 million) Chennai, formerly Madras (6.4 million) Bangalore (5.7 million) Hyderabad (5.5 million) Ahmedabad (5...
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