Censure in Nicaragua

Freedom of the press is something we often take for granted in the United States, but the desire for that freedom is not unique to our country. Nicaraguans desire that same freedom; however, new laws passed in Nicaragua have limited the press. Under the “Special Cybercrime Law,” passed in October 2020, a journalist who writes information that is false according to the government can receive jail time. 

Journalists in Nicaragua have recently reported on the true outcome of the November election results and how the pandemic has affected the country. Two independent news outlets that published these reports were then raided by police, and two journalists were imprisoned and tortured in police custody. Over seventy journalists have fled the country. As a result, journalists around the world are calling for investigation into the restriction of the press in Nicaragua. The truth must be told. True news and the freedom to tell it are worth fighting for. 

As Christians, we need to be reminded that the truth is worth fighting for. That truth is far more important than a country’s election or even a world-wide pandemic. We have the truth of the gospel! Jesus Christ said that he is, “The way, the TRUTH, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by him.” There is no other TRUTH, and there is no other way. We must tell people that they can only be saved by trusting in Jesus Christ and in Him alone. This is Truth. The gospel is God’s plan to reach mankind. We must report this truth. We must tell this wonderfully good news. Why don’t you tell someone today? Why not report this news?

Author: Andrew Garcia

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Tracy Paver is a missionary to Chile working alongside veteran church-planting missionaries Jason and Lori Holt.

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