Future Home of the Our Generation Training Center And Vision Baptist Missions

The Baptist Center For World Evangelism

Our Vision

To Send Missionaries Around The World Training Leaders And Planting Multiple Churches

Missionaries To Every Nation In The World

We are committed to training missionaries who will go to every nation around the world and boldly proclaim the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15).

Missionaries Who Are Highly Trained

We are committed to training missionaries who will be discipled in character, doctrine, evangelism, preaching, ministry, culture, and language (Colossians 1:28).

Missionaries Who Plant Multiple Churches

We are committed to training missionaries whose primary focus is to plant multiple local churches in every community around the world (Acts 14:22).

Missionaries Who Train Leaders

We are committed to training missionaries who will disciple and train national leaders who will, in turn, train others (2 Timothy 2:2).

Our Strategy

To Train Missionaries Through Personal Mentorship And Practical Ministry Experience


We strive to establish an environment where missionaries can be trained through building transparent mentoring relationships. This requires investing good quality time together as well as a large quantity of time together. (Mark 3:14)

Life-On-Life Discipleship

We strive to cultivate a personal relationship where a student can learn from every aspect of his teacher’s life. In turn, the teacher has the opportunity to mold every facet of his student’s life. This type of discipleship involves a commitment to follow, learn, and serve. (2 Timothy 3:10)

On-The-Field Training

We strive to produce missionaries whose character and training are put to the test under the guidance of a veteran missionary. All of our students complete at least six months of training on the foreign mission field before they graduate. (2 Timothy 4:5) 

Experienced Teachers

We strive to make sure that all our teachers have on-the-field experience. As veteran missionaries come home on furlough, whatever their stage of ministry, we involve them in teaching the next generation of missionaries. (Proverbs 27:17)

Our Blessings

A Young Team With A Growing Impact

In our short ten-year history, God has greatly blessed our team. We currently have 65 missionaries, which comprise a total of 244 family members representing 25 countries.

There are 27 missionaries on deputation, 9 in language school, 27 in church planting, and 2 stateside representatives.

We have seen God use those who have completed language school and are on the field to start 59 churches, train 76 pastors, and start 14 Bible Colleges or Institutes which are currently training many more leaders.

Through our unique missions training, we have seen over 90% of our graduates and those who receive our training end up as missionaries on the foreign mission field.

Our Need

To Expand Our Facilities In Keeping With Our Growth And Vision

Our Current Facility

The Lord has blessed us with an excellent facility at Vision Baptist Church, which currently houses the Our Generation Training Center and Vision Baptist Missions. We do our best to steward our current facility. Students are being housed in church member’s homes, but we are simply running out of space.

We have reached maximum capacity.

Not only do we need somewhere to house existing students, but we also expect our numbers to increase in the years to come. We have asked God to triple the size of the student body to 75 and double the size of the mission to 120 families over the next five years. We are seeing this begin to come to fruition already.

Our Needed Facility

In keeping with our vision, we are asking God to provide us with around 30-40 acres of land. After purchasing the land, the first stage of the building would include a 15,000 square foot building to house the students, classrooms, and the offices of Vision Baptist Missions. 

The land and this first phase of development and building will cost approximately $2 million. It is also our prayer that in the future, this property would provide space for a camp, conference center, and lodging for missionaries and their families. We desire for this place to truly be a “Center for World Evangelism.”

Your Involvement

Your Giving Will Make A Major Difference

We want to ask you to consider giving to this project and vision. You have been blessed to be a blessing. It is your responsibility to use your blessings to impact every nation, every tribe, and every tongue. We must have your help to build the Baptist Center for World Evangelism.

Would you prayerfully consider giving one of the following amounts?

$100,000 | $50,000 | $25,000 | $10,000 | $5,000 | $1,000 | $500

You can give a one-time gift or spread your gift over several months. Or you can become a regular partner of our ministry.

*All gifts of any amount are tax-deductible.

**If you would like to leave a legacy gift for the Baptist Center for World Evangelism or discuss other giving options, please contact us.

President: Jeff Bush
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General Director: Travis Snode
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OGTC Director: Robert Canfield
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Operations Manager: Chris Fies
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