China Drafts Law To Restrict Missions Efforts

A recent article published by explains some new regulations that the Chinese Communist Party may enact as a means of choking out foreign religious influence in China. The Chinese State Administration for Religious Affairs drafted the new law that enforces greater restrictions on religious activities carried out by foreigners and exacts certain punishments for law breakers. Some say that the new regulations treat any unauthorized religious activity as a form of espionage. The new law would not only try to restrict missionary interaction with Chinese people, but also attempt  to restrict the flow of religious material brought in by foreigners.

The CCP, of course, explains the new law as simply a way to make China more self-sufficient and less dependent on foreigners. Most believe, though, that China is restricting religious activity because it does not want any authoritative influence in China other than the Chinese Communist Party.

On the surface it may seem like just a political move by China to tighten control over its people, but we know that the spirit behind this banning of missions work in China is ultimately Satan and man’s rebellion against God. Just like it says in psalms chapter two about the nations desiring to break free from God’s authority, these efforts are a rebellious act against the God of heaven by attempting to keep silent the His Word and to keep the Gospel from being proclaimed. On the other hand, as we consider the need for the gospel in China, we must remember that our highest authority is Jesus. He gave us the command to take the gospel to all nations.

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