China Fumes After Canada Protects Hong Kong Activists

China Says All Canadians in Hong Kong at Risk

The Free Republic reports on October 7th, 2020,  that threats came from Bejing’s ambassador to Canada, Cong PeiWu, over Canada’s willingness to protect political activists in Hong Kong. The move to shelter these activists came after the Chinese Communist Party in recent months enacted the new National Security Laws which target pro-democracy activists. The ambassador stated that the Canadian government’s willingness to provide asylum to “violent criminals” would put the lives of all Canadians in Hong Kong at risk. The Canadian government found the comments “unacceptable and disturbing” and responded with a statement that they would stand to protect the rights of Canadians all over the world. 

They Need True Freedom and Safety

A life of freedom and safety is what people desire. We live in a world that is corrupted by sin and so there is never any real guarantee of security. There is one, though, who can give us true freedom and security no matter where we live on this planet. Christ offers forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternity in heaven. That is what the people of Hong Kong need. Regardless of what threats may come, with the hope of the gospel, people can live with joy and peace. Who will go and tell them?

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