China reports first day without any new domestic cases of the coronavirus!!

The South China Morning Post is reporting that on Thursday there were no new domestic cases of the coronavirus in China since the outbreak began. There were some imported cases, however no new originating in China. Government officials warned against premature celebration, as many more cases are likely, however definitely a turn in the right direction.

Also, in the Hubei province where the outbreak began, there have been no new cases domestically or abroad, another good sign of lessoning of the virus in China.

This is encouraging news, as it shows signs of a light at the end of the tunnel concerning this issue, however it reminds us to pray for the China, as there are over a billion Chinese infected with a much worse condition. This condition is not temporary like a virus or sickness, but eternal. The condition is their sin that separates them from a Holy God. Their is a cure, God Himself provides it, however high percentage of Chinese have never heard about the cure found in Jesus Christ. We need to pray for them to hear before it is too late. Do you have the cure for your sin condition, if not find the cure here? If you do will you pray for China? Will you go and take the cure to China? Will you give so others may go?

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