China Threatens War as U.S. Affirms Ties with Taiwan

China Threatens War

Threats of war against Taiwan have been the rhetoric coming from the Chinese news media lately and from the Communist Party Leader himself, Xi JinPing. The warnings came as U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, visited the region on Oct. 6th making comments affirming the strong ties the U.S. will maintain with Taiwan. 

Taiwan, of course, did not take the threats lightly, and according to an Epoch TImes report, called on the Communist Party to stop threatening and to engage in “meaningful dialogue”. Despite the call for a civil discussion, Xi told troops during a recent marine base visit that they should prepare for war. According to the Epoch Times, some believe that XI has the intention of leading his country into war to gain the legacy of a great leader. Whether that is true or not, only time will tell.

The Greater War

In all this talk of war, we cannot forget the greatest battle of all. That is, the war of sin against man’s soul. It is a war that has eternal consequence. The good news is that there is One who has fought that battle and purchased victory for all who believe. What the people of China and Taiwan need most is not the “peace and safety” that comes from military might, but the true peace that comes from having ones sins forgiven. They need to hear the gospel. Who will go and tell them? 

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