China is currently the world’s largest country with over 1.4 billion inhabitants. Just China makes up about 18% of the entire world population. China’s land area is also very big. It has the third-largest land area of any country in the world with only Russia and Canada having more land. It has slightly more land than the United States. Chinese culture is also very old with a written history of over 3,500 years. Today’s China though is a very new country. China has been ruled over the years by different dynasties and kingdoms and more recently was organized into the People’s Republic of China on October 1st, 1949. That means in 2021 today’s China is only 71 years old. 

China’s government is totally controlled by the Communist Party of China. This government is very much against Christianity and the Bible. To be a part of the Communist Party and work for the government you have to say that you are an atheist and do not believe in God. The government also tries to control churches. The government allows some government-controlled churches to meet publicly. These churches, however, are very heretical in their doctrine and very much regulated by the government. Children 18 and under are not allowed to attend and a security camera monitors everything that is said from the pulpit. People that really love God and want to assemble together in a Biblical local church have to meet in secret. The government tries to find these house churches and stop them from meeting. Inevitably most house churches will at some point face persecution. 

There is an enormous need in China for the Gospel and for Gospel preaching churches to be planted. Most people in China would be atheists, though there is also a large Buddhist majority. In western China especially there are also large minority ethnic groups that would be majority Muslim. People that claim to be Christian only make up around 5% of the population. This 5% includes any kind of denomination and flavor of Christianity, so the number of true Bible-believing Christians would be much smaller. 

There is such a small amount of missionaries in China compared to the number of people. As of July 2021, we know of about 25-30 independent Baptist missionary families that are either in China or trying to get into China with the Gospel message. There probably are other Gospel preaching missionaries we don’t know about, but let’s just say there are another 175 we don’t know about. Even with 200 missionaries, that would only be 1 missionary family for every seven million. Obviously, thousands of more laborers are needed! Would you pray for God to send men to China to plant church-planting churches? Would you pray about what God might have you to do to reach China with the Gospel? 

1.4 Billion People

Only 25-30 Missionaries

About the author

Travis has been a church planter to the United Kingdom since 2002 and also serves as the Europe Field Director for Vision Baptist Missions.