Chlorine Leak Causes Thousands To Flee!

In Leshan City, China, already one of the hardest-hit cities in the Sichuan Province by floods, had a chemical accident on August 20th.  Thick smoke surrounded the chemical plant, emitting a strong odor.  Residents suspected a chlorine leak.  Local authorities confirmed that there was an accident, however the leak is now under control.  This prompted residents to flee causing serious traffic jams.  The full story can be read at the

Please pray for China! This country has the largest population on earth, yet they have no hope. The government prevents the gospel and teaches there is no God. They need the hope of the gospel. They need labourers to go, share the gospel, start churches, and train the next generation of pastors to give the hope of the gospel to those in Leshan City, China. Will you pray for China; pray the government will open the borders to missionaries? Will you give so others can go? Will you go?

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