Chosen for the Task

Now that Chile has decided to rewrite its constitution, it will fall to the citizens to select those who will put pen to paper and draft something worthy of the Chilean vote. As the deadline to be chosen drew to a close, there was no shortage of people willing to put their name into consideration. As of 5 PM on the final registration day, there were 2,226 independent candidates, 185 indigenous candidates, and 900 representatives of political parties. The total was 3,311, and there were still seven hours to go. 

It’s interesting to note how many are eager to have a hand in the constitutional drafting process. They know it is something important, and they want to be sure to get in on it. Those who are chosen will have been commissioned by a people eager to see the task done, and done well.

This is all for a nation of this earth. But our cause is greater than anything going on in the world today. Our cause is the furtherance of the gospel into all the world, on the commission of a King with a kingdom as yet unseen.

Are you, on a commission from your heavenly King, just as eager to be chosen to do what He’s given you to do? Are you willing to say, as Isaiah did when the Lord needed somebody to preach His message, “Here am I; send me”? Do you want to be selected to carry out His command, or would you prefer that others do it in your place?

Let us not shirk our duty. Let us as Christians be used of our Lord to see the task done, and done well.

Author: Stephen Carrier

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Tracy Paver is a missionary to Chile working alongside veteran church-planting missionaries Jason and Lori Holt.

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