Churchless and Dangerous


While considering the most unchurched cities in the United States, a thought occurred to me. I wondered, “what are the most dangerous cities in the United States?” and “I wonder what similarities those two lists would have?”. I decided to take some time to research this topic just to discover if any correlation exists between unchurched cities and dangerous cities. The following article is the result of that research. I would like to ask that as you read this, you ask God to stir up your heart for the places listed herein and that you consider praying and even (if God allow) going to a city that is discussed here.  

According to a google map on the subject of most dangerous cities in the United States, Detroit, Michigan is the third most dangerous city* in the U.S. It also falls as number 33 on a list of the most unchurched cities in the U.S. with a staggering 39%** of that region with no churches. Miami, being particularly dangerous*, also finds itself on the list of most unchurched cities at number 35**. Number 23* of the most dangerous cities is Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland also holds the number 38** spot of unchurched cities. In New York the city of Buffalo stands as number 36* of the most dangerous cities and number 25** of the most unchurched cities. New Haven, Connecticut is one of the most unchurched cities in the U.S.** and is among the top 100 most dangerous cities*. A correlation can be found between the two subject matters that can be indicative of many things. I will leave such a task to you, reader, to determine what could be the reason behind the parallels that exist between these two lists.

In conclusion, what we need is a church planter. One who is willing to be placed in one of these dangerous cities and work to see something great happen despite the violence and danger. We need men who are willing to learn a new culture, a new language, live with new people, live in a new environment, do something that they have never done before. The men we need are strong, courageous, pure, loving, passionate, and ready to face what will come. Please pray that men like that will step up and heed the call to go to the cities mentioned here and the many that have been left out. Pray that God will use us where we are and, if He sees fit, somewhere else.






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