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One of my best friends in the whole wide world (I said like a 3 year huh) is a missionary in eastern China. We have tried to make a practice of talking about every Monday morning, it is night time for him. I should really get into the practice of talking to more of my friends overseas. So many of the ministry principles Jake is learning is universal. Also, since we trained and have served together we have the same vocabulary so it makes explaining something we are seeing going on much quicker. We use terms such as “put the ball in their court” and “life on life discipleship”. Even simple words such as “passion” can have different meanings, depending where you trained.

Today as we talked he told me about so many Chinese college students he is working with. I thought back to the days that Pastor Austin would tell us about some of the young men and women he started with in the ministry. Many of them are pastors now! Many of them have gone a.w.o.l. Jake and I both want to record the names of the young people we are working with so we will never forget them.

I am almost certain none of my students know of this blog or read it. This is my blog for persoanl growth and maybe some of it will be encouraging to other youth workers.  However, I will leave off last names. They are not perfect by no means, but I do not want to record the struggles they have on this blog. I want help in the future remember them for who are they are – which is positive. I will list the girls someother time.

Adam – Jr. high student whose father is from Morocco. He is very charismatic and shows evident desires to serve God in the ministry.

Seth – Loaded with so much potential it is scary. Last Thursday night I said I pray that God would send people to Argentina from this room. He told me to go and he would take my place. I believe there may be a day when this is possible.

Kenny – Last June in one week he had a preview of what life would be like if you gave it all to God. He ask where do I sign up and has been with us ever since. He is running full speed we just have to direct him to where he needs to go.

Santiago – “The Pastor” He is possible the most compassionate loving young man I have ever met. Ever time I turn around he is hunging some older person in our church. Part of it is becuase of the latin culture he is raised in and a good deal of it is something I believe God has placed in him to be used in ministry.

Justin – He is a very intelligent young man. He helps control the environment. I am amazed at the maturity he shows for his age.

Hadden – Recently accepted Christ. He is my neighbor and has a heart to do right despite tough circumstances.

Spencer – Not in our youth group, but looks to me for advice. He has a desire to serve the King and is currently asking questions and facing challenges that will determine to what extent God will use his life.

Juan Carlo, Steve, Taylor, Ray, Cody, A.J., Kyle – All our young men that we hope to get to know better. They all are gifted in many different ways and have great potential to bring Him glory.

I pray for more young men that can be trained to serve God with their lives and I thank God for those that He has given us so far. I pray that those we lead will become leaders in their on right.

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Trent serves as an Associate Pastor at Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. He writes, speaks, and helps lead events that encourage people to "pioneer" in the work of sending.

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