Deadly Crash Leads to National Mourning in North Macedonia

On November 23, a bus full of passengers returning from Istanbul to North Macedonia crashed in Bulgaria, killing 44 people. Of all the passengers onboard, only 7 managed to escape the crash and ensuing fire. The deadly accident has been estimated to be one of the worst in Europe in years. Included in the victims are 12 children and many young adults, with one man reporting that he lost his whole family–10 relatives–in the crash. The countries of Bulgaria and North Macedonia declared days of national mourning for those lost in the bus accident. No doubt all of the tourists thought that they would return home from their trip, but they were unaware of the history of accidents on the poorly marked road they would travel.

It is estimated that only .2% of the North Macedonian population is evangelical Christian. Various people groups such as Albanians, Serbians, Romani, and Turks compose the citizenry of the country, and 15% of the population is completely unreached. There is no church in the Turkish community as so few have been reached with the gospel. Please pray for workers who will go to North Macedonia to reach the many unsaved and unreached people groups in that small nation.

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