Dreams that God has put on my heart!

Yesterday was Celebration Sunday as you know. I gave you some dreams that God has placed on my heart. I wanted to share them in print so you wouldn’t forget them nor will I. Though it was a rainy day yesterday God really blessed. Now I pass on to you what is on my heart for you to pray with me about. Feel free to question me about anything you see here.

I can only share with you the dreams that God has put in my heart

I am asking God for 100 families from Vision serving all over the world in the next 10 years!

I am asking God to allow us to send men and women through our church mission to the world from foreign countries to foreign countries!

I am asking God to give us enough strong, dedicated people in this church to raise up, train, and send out this vast army! (It will take a very strong local church with super dedicated people to do all that God has placed on my heart. Though you will not go you can help me help those that will go. We must pray for them, train them, and send them out to do God’s will)

I am asking God for a place to work and prepare people from in a good building and piece of property!

I am asking God to allow us to start 100 churches across the USA that will be like Vision with a heart to reach the world and their community!

I asking God to allow our church to go into downtown Atlanta and love the unloved and make a difference right here in our community!

I am asking God to allow Vision to have One Million dollars given through us to world evangelism per year!

I am asking God to allow Vision to prepare and send materials from here to the people who have the least materials in their hands! (I am asking God to give us men to do this right now and others who will prepare to go!)

I am asking God to allow us start TV and radio stations in countries that are not getting the gospel!

I am asking God to raise up men who will come and help us get the gospel to the world in our generation!

I am asking God to fill the Our Generation Training Center with students who will make an impact here and around the world!

I am asking God to let us impact our community with the word of God in such a way that His name will be glorified!

I am asking God to magnify His name in all the world through the ministry of Vision!

I am asking God to give His Word free course and let it run and be glorified all over the world!

I am asking God to let us show people how to live a victorious Christian life free from the bondage of legalism but in holiness and purity!

I would love to hear your comments.

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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.
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  1. Chad Gordon

    Wow… very moving brother Gardner as I read the Dreams God has placed on your heart. Even though this post was posted over a year ago I have no doubt those dreams still burn deep with in your soul. I pray God continues to work through you and your ministry in a powerful way. I pray… I will let your dreams soak deep within my heart as to do all I can to remember to pray for you. I thank you for the faithfulness through the years… may the Lord use me to IMPACT this world for Christ!

  2. God bless you Brother Gordon. God has great plans for His honor and glory. I am just asking to be part of them. I am blessed by you and your ministry. Keep up the good work

  3. How it does my heart good to see dreams of like minded mens hearts. we are so trying to do the same. the older i get the more i realize i don’t know. so, i am just holding on to God and doing all He puts in our hearts. i am humbled He uses us at all. May we see what it’s like to do ministry at the speed of God as we disciple men and women for His glory. Go God!

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