Pastor Austin Gardner and Missions Director Jeff Bush continue there lessons on adapting to a native culture as a missionary. In this edition they focus on understanding the perspective of the natives and how you can become closer to them to be able to connect with them. This advice can be helpful for anyone trying to connect with people in every-day life, so we invite to listen and enjoy!

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  1. How do you fight the “Great white father” mentality, better I guess would train yourself to not be mister america when you are on the field and to not be offended by the way the world views american’ s ?

  2. Kason Bloom

    Very good podcast! A good reminder that we shouldn’t be looking down on the national leaders but should understand what they’re going through and where they’re coming from.

  3. robert becker

    This is a great reminder to treat the nationals as I would want to be treated. what is a good way to fight the attitude of empathy?

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