European Army Plans Face Battlefield Reality in Africa

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European forces have been sent into an area in Africa known as the Sahel. It is directly south of the Sahara desert that encompasses land in Mali, Niger, and Chad. These countries have been racked by war and terrorism for many years, and the European Union, led by France, is working to intercede. German and French forces in Mali have been working to train the Malian Army in counter-terrorism methods. 

France, with vested colonial interests in the Sahel area, has joined with Estonian forces to create the Takuba task force, named for the local word for saber. This initiative has the goal of training the local armies in counter-terrorism, much like the work in Mali. 

Ultimately, the work of these forces is to stem the tide of war and bring peace to this oppressed and war racked section of Africa. Their efforts are admirable but we know that the only way they can have lasting peace is through the gospel of Jesus. Pray for the great need of these countries, and that we would have missionaries to take the everlasting peace of knowing Jesus Christ to them!

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