EU’s Disapproval of Poland

In a recent Polish constitutional court case, it was ruled that the country’s constitutional law superseded the law of the European Union’s Court of Justice in certain cases. This decision had been a battle fought for months within the Polish court system. To the leaders of the European Union, this determination was an assault on its authority and the oneness of the union. Ursula von der Leyen–president of the European Commission–suggested sanctions against Poland, as well as a withdrawal of funds if the government continues with the determination. For a poorer country such as Poland, the prospect of losing funding is serious. Since Poland has been free of Communist rule, the country has fared better financially. However, the rural areas still suffer from poverty and rely greatly on financial assistance from the European Union. In response to the possibility of sanctions, Poland’s prime minister insinuated that his country could follow in the footsteps of Britain’s Brexit decision.

While the likely financial strain may seem like the most daunting problem on the country’s horizon, the spiritual condition is a far more serious problem. It is estimated that only .3% of the population of nearly 38,000,000 is evangelical Christian. Of the 32 people groups represented in Poland, five are completely unreached with the gospel, and there are more than 700 towns with no organized evangelical church. Please pray for Christians to answer the call to reach Poland for Christ before it’s too late.

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