Fields Ripe Unto the Harvest #2: Myanmar (Burma)

Written By: Jens Looney

Myanmar – officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, also known as Burma – is located in Southeast Asia, and is bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. The country has been in a perpetual state of civil war, for most of its independent years, since its establishment in 1948. Slave labour and human trafficking are common; even children are sold into the military for as little as $40 and a can of petrol or a bag of rice. The military is also notorious for rampant use of sexual violence.

The Nippon Foundation
The Nippon Foundation

Buddhism is the main religion of the country, approximately 85% of the country claims to be Theravada Buddhist, and less than 7% claim to be Christian. (Jehovah’s Witness, Catholic, Etc…) The remaining 8% claim other religions. (Islam, Hinduism, Burmese Folk Religion, Etc…) It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for anyone who does not claim Buddhism to find any governmental employment or to join the military.

Prostitution is rampant, Racism is at every corner; Myanmar is a truly dark country. With a population of approximately 54 million people, virtually no one is sharing the light of the gospel. Do we really need someone to show us a dying man, before we will move our lips to share the life of Christ? Does someone have to show us the desperation of a family, who sells their child for a few dollars and a bag of rice, before we tell of God, who gave his own life, to save theirs? How can we sit by, and do nothing, as thousands are lost in slavery, when we have the words that can set them free? Are we really going to let the fervor of a man with a false doctrine outweigh the zeal we have for our God? How long before we say “Enough!”? How many more Burmese have to die and enter eternity without Christ?

What do we have to do to get you to do something about the millions of lost and dying souls? Why do I keep saying you, instead of me?

Scott Stulberg
Scott Stulberg

In the book of Ezekiel, God asked for a man to stand in the gap, between his chosen people Israel, and Himself, to warn them of the impending danger. I could say that God is now asking for men and woman to stand in the gap for Myanmar; but He is not asking, He has commanded! He Said “Go Ye” that means you, that means me. It is our solemn duty as the adopted children of The Almighty God, to share this adoption with everyone we come in contact with. To go out and seek for people to share it with.

I put it to you, Give your life over to him; see what He wants to do. Decide today to fulfill your duty to your eternal King.




Jens is a student at the Our Generation Training Center preparing to spend his life serving Christ by sharing the good news of the Gospel with others. Jens especially loves working with children.

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