Five reasons for our students to have Logos Bible Software

At the Our Generation Training Center, we desire to see the world reached with the gospel in our generation. Therefore we help young men and women find their place in the work of the great commission and then train them how to do their job. Our students in the OGTC are required to have Logos Bible Software program. We, the staff, find this program extremely valuable for great commission work. We want to give you five reasons why we see Logos Bible Software profitable for great commission use. 

It is a mobile library 

When you work in missions, a big concern for you is how do I get my stuff from the good old USA across the seas to where I will be working. If you are a Bible student moving a library can be costly. Logos takes away that concern. All you need is the internet and a computer, and then you have the ability to move thousands of books easily. If you had a paper book library, that would be extremely difficult if you had a paper book library. Therefore, Logos is ideal for the missionary. 

It helps the Bible students 

At the OGTC we have a firm conviction that our students should be Bible students. Our life revolves around the Bible. Logos’ tools are handy for students of the Bible. There is no way to explain all these tools; that is why we have certified trainers to teach our students how to make use of all these tools. 

It cuts down the study time

Thanks to digital tools like Logos Bible Software, you can access thousands of Bible study resources with just your laptop or smartphone. You can find anything in Scripture with powerful searching. And insights that would take hours to uncover using paper resources can be unearthed in seconds. When you live in the foreign field, it is a race against the clock. Time is the most precious commodity you have, and Logos helps you cut your study time down without losing the quality of the study. 

It is a one-stop shop program

It is beneficial to those in the ministry that want organization. Everything from your Bible reading program, prayer list, your reading plans, your personal notes, sermon outlines, and even your own private Bible study can be found in your logos program. It is beneficial to those in the ministry that want organization. 

The search engine for topics just added years to your ministry

Teaching on Biblical Topics is crucial when you live in a culture that has been oppressed by Satan for centuries. In Logos, you can type in a topic, press enter and then have everything that the Bible says on that topic or have a list of every article from all the books in your library. Let me put it like this; something that could take you hours or cause you to hire a research assistant can be replaced by Logos. Something that can cumbersome is now made very easy all because of Logos. 

I hope that you will consider purchasing this program. We here at the OGTC have found out that this program helpful for the students that we train. If you one the program we want to invite you to come to the following seminars that the Our Generation Training Center will host over the next five months. 


About the author

Robert Canfield is the Director of the Our Generation Training Center and a missionary with Vision Baptist Missions representing the continent of Africa.

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