Flooding in Turkey

Last week the Black Sea region was hit by heavy rainfall. This rainfall caused major flooding in the area. Many people have been injured and have lost their homes, jobs and possessions. At least six people have been killed and they are looking for ten more people who are missing. This region and these people are devastated by these floods and it will take months to clean up and get things back to normal. There are about 1000 rescue and aid workers working around the clock looking for those who are lost and trying to help clean up the mess that was made. What is heart breaking is the fact that those who died, more than likely, died and went to hell and probably never had a chance to hear the Gospel. Will you pray for God to send laborers to the country of Turkey who will help reach the lost with the Gospel? 

To read more about the floods in Turkey check out the following article: https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/inpictures/pictures-flash-floods-northern-turkey-kill-200824052932801.html

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Sine 2016 Brady has been a church planter to Turkey with Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions.

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