FOCUS: #1 What do we know about God?

What do we know about God?

Nothing affects you view of life and the afterlife then your view of God. With a proper view of who God is and what He has done will allow you to see yourself for who you are and what you can do in this world.

Many times when we think about God we focus on all the things we do not know about Him. Many of us have laid in bed, sat in class, or even ask some one… “Where did God come from?” or “What does God look like?”

Instead of focusing on the things we do not know about let’s take a look at the things we do know! We are certain that if you realize all the great things we do know about God the things you do not know will not seem as important. Actually, it is excited to know that God is so big, amazing, and wise that we can not know everything about Him. The things we think we can know everything about is very small and simple. As humans we can not know everything about things as simple as college football, music, computers, plants, or about our own bodies.

Fruit flies have a life span of less then two months. Most of their lives are spent in a very small space or area. If they were to look at us with their little bug eyes while we were building a house their understanding would be very small of what we are doing. They have very little life experience, do not have the knowledge we have, the ability, or the job to do we have as humans. As you would never expect that a fly would understand they way we lice our lives.. neither should you imagine that you would understand all things about God.

  1. It is a great thing to want to know God. We where actually created to know Him.

At the front of the Bible we see a verse that most of us have heard of. It says ”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earths..” If this is all the Bible said then that would live us many questions but it doesn’t. One of those questions is “why”. Why did God create the heaves earth, animals, plants, and most importantly us?

What is a question you have wondered about God?____________________________


In the next chapter we find out what God does after He created everything and took a day of rest. He gives man a work to do, a companion, and then comes down to spend time with Him walking in the garden! Amazing huh! Everything else he created he set it up to run by itself. He created plants and created a mist of rain to take care of it. He created a garden and gave it to man to take care of. However, when it came to man He came down to spend time with us and the Bible even says bless us!

God created us to worship Him. He knows that the more we know about Him the more we will worship Him. He makes Himself very available to Him to learn about His goodness. The only thing that keeps us from seeing Him as He is our sin or our unwillingness to follow His perfect leading.

2. God never changes. So whatever it says about Him in the Bible is still true.

In Genesis 21:33 we learn that our God is an “everlasting God”. Everlasting means “lasting forever”. The same God who created the world is the same God we are learning about today. Unlike many of your friends who one may one day be into basketball and the next day wants to be a famous singer God is what we can immutable. Which means He never changes. Which is great!

In the Bible we learn so much about what God was like 2000 years ago, so we know what He is like now!

 Psalms 145:18                God is approachable.

Psalms 147:5                  God is creative.

Psalms 119:130,105        Completely honest.

I Peter 1:16                   He is Holy

Exodus 20:5                   Jealous

Romans 3:22,25              Forgiving 

The Bible says many more things about Him. As we have said he want you to know Him so He has filled the Bible with true stories that teach us about who He is!  


3. God has done some great things to introduce Himself to you.

Jeremiah 9:23, 24 says if their anything we should ever take pride in it should be how well we can get to know God.

Many people ask for proof that there is a God. Close your eyes and when you will open them you will see proof that there is a God. Maybe one you open your eyes you will look out the window and see a beautiful sun set that no man will ever be able to make. Maybe you saw your little brother. Who even though you may think is obnoxious you must realize admit is extremely unique and must have been created with someone who is way smarter then any human and way more creative! The Bibles tells us that in Romans 1:20 that God expects that by looking at creation you should become aware of the fact that there is some one greater then you.

What is something you have seen in creation that makes you believe there is a God?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Another way God has worked to let us know He is there is through our conscious. Romans 2:15 tells us that our mind is always working to be a witness to the fact that there is a God.

Lastly, and in you case the most inexcusable is that God has commanded His church to go to people and to show them that there is a God and He wants to know them. (Matthew 28:19,20)

4. God is madly in love with you and has proven it.

There are many ways to show your love for someone. However, there are only two ways to tell someone that you love them. One way is by saying it. Yell that to someone near you “I Love You”. There is no reason the person hearing it shouldn’t belive you if they know you are an honest person. However, if they do you can tell them again by do something. Maybe you could take them flowers, mow their yard, give a gift, or you could send you only Son to die for the things they have done wrong towards you that have hurt your relationship. Could you imagine if their was someone at your school who has treated you wrong and in ten years from now you sent your only child to die to restore your relationship. You would think it was crazy if they did not know that you loved them. Well, God made the most unarguable case in the world that He loves us and want to know us!

Read Isaiah 6 and write down two questions you have about the chapter:



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