Four Nations Meet to Counter China’s Growing Aggression

The Epoch TImes and the BBC published articles on the week of October 6th, 2020, the day when leaders met from four allied countries, which included the U.S., India,  Australia, and Japan. The “Quad” meeting comes at a time when tensions between China and these nations seem to be on the rise in the indo-pacific region. 

The talks took place in Tokyo on October 6, and included U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Japan saw the talks as a hope to strengthen ties between these countries to counter China’s recent growing aggressive behavior. Pompeo took the opportunity, according to the BBC, to blast the Communist Party for acting with coercion, corruption, and exploiting other countries.

It is hard not to think of Jesus saying in Matthew 24 that at the time of the end, nation shall rise against nation. While the day and the hour of our Lord’s return is not revealed to us, we can’t help but sense that we live in the season of His return. Knowing that the Day draws closer, we should be all the more eager to get the gospel to the nations. Despite what we hear in the news about the government tensions, we need to remember that beneath it all are the million of souls who need to hear good news of the gospel.

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