God Has Provided! | C.F.W.E. fund-raising update and future plans

Nine months ago, we stepped out by faith to buy land to accommodate the growth of both the Our Generation Training Center and Vision Baptist Missions. Our plan was to buy a piece of property that would have dormitories, offices, and classrooms for both the training center and mission. With only $80,000 in the bank, we began praying for $2 million to building the Center for World Evangelism!

Amazingly, on the first day of November 2019, we received a very large donation of $100,000! Over the next six months, the Lord provided another $240,000 through the generous donations of many individuals and churches. In May 2020, the Lord provided another $105,000 through an exciting 36-hour share-a-thon!

Following the Share-a-thon, things began to move forward with the land, and we set a goal of $640,000 by July 31st. This would cover the cost of the land and any other fees and architectural costs. July 31st was the soonest we could foresee closing on the property. We began to count down until today, asking God for the remaining $115,000.

Through the generosity of so many amazing people and churches and the blessing of the Lord, we now have $604,784 in hand for the purchase of the land. Though we are currently short $35,216, we have some good news to report:

  1. Two churches have promised donations that should exceed the $640K goal! We are not sure of the exact amount of these donations, but they have indicated they will be over the $35,000.
  2. We have an extension on purchasing the land due to delays in the zoning and legal work! This extension gives us more time to get the funds together and is connected to government delays and restrictions due to COVID.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers. Thank you to everyone who gave sacrificially and generously. Please keep this project in prayer.

It is our desire to be on the land by the end of the year. We will still need another $1.4 million to do everything necessary to building dorms, offices, and classrooms. We will be sharing more about the progress and plans in the days that lie ahead.

Below is a video from Pastor Gardner expressing his gratitude and vision for The Center for World Evangelism!

About the author

Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.

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