He will rule and reign

  • The message here is for Judah and Jerusalem Isaiah 2:1
  1. The future of the house of God, the temple Isaiah 2:2
    1. God is pictured as dwelling in the mountains
      1. His house will be at the top of the mountain
      2. No other god will be so exalted
      3. Nations will flow up the hill to Jerusalem drawn by the power of God
    2. Things will have changed so much that many are now calling on others to go to the mountain of the Lord 
Isaiah 2:3
    3. War will be over and God (Jesus) will be the judge or governor of the earth Isaiah 2:4
    4. This is when God’s kingdom is established
      1. This speaks of the millennial kingdom
      2. The temple will be the center of worldwide worship
      3. The nations are going to come to Jerusalem to seek truth
      4. Evangelists will leave Jerusalem carrying the gospel to the world
      5. There will be no more war
      6. This does not refer to the church and cannot be spiritualized
      7. God still has plans for the nation of Israel
    5. Take heart
      1. The things of God are not lost
      2. This world may reject Him but He has a plan and He is working His plan
      3. We are blessed that we get to see and understand much of what He is doing
  2. God will prepare the nation of Israel for the coming of the Lord Jesus to set up His kingdom Isaiah 2:12
    1. God judges His people and explains why He is doing so Isaiah 2:6
      1. Knowing the truth they should come walk in the light of the Lord Isaiah 2:5
      2. Instead of seeking God they seek the sun and other god religions
      3. They have become fortune tellers
      4. They are more interested in the gods of the foreigners than the God of heaven
      5. For this reason God has forsaken them
    2. God will destroy their idols in that day Isaiah 2:17-18
      1. God hates the pride of His people
      2. They are proud because of their riches Isaiah 2:7
      3. They worship what they have made Isaiah 2:8
    3. A day is coming when the true God will be exalted 
Isaiah 2:11
    4. In that day man will find that his false gods, idols, are of no value Isaiah 2:20-21
    5. Preparations mean causing everyone to see their need
      1. He will bring strong conviction by showing them their sin
      2. He will show them the weakness of all other gods
      3. He will be exalted
  3. God will take away everything man is leaning on instead of Him Isaiah 3:1
    1. Time to stop looking at men Isaiah 2:22
    2. In that day people will finally admit their helplessness Isaiah 3:7-8
    3. The wicked will finally get what they deserve Isaiah 3:11
    4. In that day they will lose all their beauty Isaiah 3:18, Isaiah 4:1
    5. He removes everything men can lean on
      1. There will be nothing left to make you able
      2. He proves all in need of help
      3. No money, no power, no beauty, no ability so they will need God
  4. Finally, In that day the branch of the Lord will come forth Isaiah 4: 2
    1. God will have purged out His enemies Isaiah 4:3
    2. It will be by the Lord’s cleansing not by their works 
Isaiah 4:4
    3. It will be the Lord doing the work Isaiah 4:5-6
    4. This branch is the Lord Jesus Christ Romans 15:12
      1. The kingdom of God will established on the earth
      2. David’s dynasty will rule again Isaiah 11:1-2, Isaiah 11:6-10
    5. Every knee will bow Philippians 2:9-11
      1. God has allowed man long enough to glory in himself
      2. It is time for things to get back where God wants them, His kingdom, His king
      3. God will win in the end
  5. Application for our lives
    1. First, you can’t change the promises of Israel to the church without doing great harm to the Scriptures
      1. The temple will be rebuilt
      2. Jerusalem will become the true center of the world
      3. The Word of God will go forth from her
    2. We should walk in the light just like Israel was being called to do Isaiah 2:5 I John 2:28-3:3
    3. Watch the nation of Israel as you know God has big plans for Jerusalem and Israel. The day of the Lord is when Jesus sets up His kingdom
    4. Are you living in pride, high and lifted up in yourself, it is time to get right
    5. Know that God will win, people will humble themselves or be destroyed
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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.

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