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It is 10:20 pm and I am just now in the house again after traveling to Northern Ireland. We had a great week. God blessed us big time and I see real spiritual and numerical growth in both churches. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to go over and preach.


As soon as my plane landed Betty, our grandson Jacob and I headed to the hospital to see Ethan. The surgery was supposed to take 8 hours but was over in about 4.5 hours. They thought that they would have to have muscles from his back to be put in his leg but there was enough muscle in the leg that they did not need to make that operation. The blood flow was good.

So though Ethan is in great pain, obviously, the surgery seems to have been a great success. Pastor Wayne Cofield and his wife Connie have been with the Howeths literally all day. God has given them some very great friends that are doing so much to bless them.


People have been praying all over the world. God has been hearing and answering prayer.

I only spoke to Ethan two times for a few seconds each because he had just come out of surgery but will try and see him tomorrow. I should have more information for you.

There will still be months and months of recovery. One leg is still going to be several inches shorter than the other.

The Howeths are still facing a great deal of financial trouble. I wish that you would pray about helping them. Please remember that they have good insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, but they are only going to cover 70% so that will leave a great debt/

Right now they are extremely tired also due to being at the hospital and the super amount of stress that they are feeling.

God blessed with Joe and Lisa Welch and Stephen Barnes being willing to come and look after the other children.


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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.
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  1. This is older news but you will not want to have missed it

    Please continue to pray for Ethan Howeth. Here is an update from his father.

    Thank you once again for remembering our family.
    Ethan got a good nights rest last night and I pray so tonight.
    He is going in for reconstructive surgery. They will have to cut back to good bone on both sides (3-4″) take his lat muscle (the one that make the V shape on men….well most, not me! and then skin grafts. It will be about 8hrs+
    we will be in the hospital 5-6 weeks and then begin a 2 yr rehab, bone extension program. He will wear a “cage” around the leg screwed in. This will be a long process.
    I was thinking and meditating this morning on our God being the same yesterday, today and forever. You know, God is good before situations come into our life, He is good during the situations, and He is good after them. I am so glad that no matter what we face, our circumstances do not change God! How God flooded my soul with His peace and goodness as I thought on that simple thought.
    Stacey is the most amazing wife in the world. She is truly the definition of help meet. I love her so.
    Seth seems to be doing well, I look forward to this week spending some alone time with him. Lauryn is quite the young lady. She has shown such maturity and love for her brother. Camryn is Camryn. Loving and so full of childlike faith. Pray the other children do not feel neglected while so much time and attention is on Ethan. I am trying to be wise and juggle it all. I am thankful for God’s help.
    You all are greatly loved and appreciated. Sorry this is sort of long but wanted you to know what is next.
    Have I said thank you yet? Thank you.

    Bro. Tony

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