Hong Hong Protesters Arrested

The Epoch Times reports that on October 1, 2020 eighty-seven pro-democratic protesters were arrested in Hong Kong. The arrests came on “National Day”, a day that celebrates the founding of the Chinese Communists Party. The protesters were not there to praise, but to voice their displeasure over Beijing’s actions since the 1997 government turnover from Britain. 

Many in Hong Kong feel that the Chinese government lied about allowing them to remain a democratic system. They feel that Beijing has become an encroaching authoritarian dictatorship, and they want to be liberated. 

Protest and unrest seems to be all over the news lately. Whatever the reason good or bad, people are not happy with their ruling authorities. I am reminded of Jesus speaking of the perplexity of the nations before His coming. It also reminds me that true contentment and liberation can only come through the gospel. What these people need is not a political change, but someone to go and tell them what Christ has done for them! Who will go and tell them?

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