Hope for Honduras

Since Friday, January 15th, some 7,000-8000 Hondurans have tried to make their way through Guatemala in an attempt to immigrate to the United States. Guatemalan forces pushed back the caravans with tear gas and batons.

The journey can be quite dangerous. Hondurans band together in large groups when immigrating to the United States to have safety in numbers from any who might take advantage of them. But what are their reasons for risking such a journey? 

Many Honduran families are victims of gang violence. Extortion is a common practice of the gangs in Honduras. Taxi drivers are often forced to pay up to half of their earnings. The price of not paying is far costlier.

Honduras had a harsher 2020 than most countries. The coronavirus and government shutdowns made life difficult for many. Hondurans were allowed to leave their homes once a week to buy food and take care of other basic needs. Without the ability to work, many Hondurans went hungry. Hurricanes Eta and Iota devastated the country in November. The category four and five hurricanes struck Honduras within a week of each other, and thousands lost their possessions and homes due to massive flooding. Many crops, the main export of Honduras, were damaged. Jobs are scarce. Some Hondurans in the immigrant caravan have expressed their hope that President Joe Biden will have a more lenient immigration policy; therefore, they are taking the risk to immigrate now. 

What we as Christians need to keep in mind is Hebrews 13:14: For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.”

These Hondurans are simply trying and hoping to find a better life for themselves and their families. They hope to find a better city. Most of them do not know that the city they seek does not exist, at least not in this world. The city these Hondurans seek can only be found in Jesus Christ. Christ is the only one who offers true and lasting hope. 

God gives no guarantee that the cities of Honduras or the United States will last. We cannot put our hope in a country. Christ has guaranteed that He is preparing a place for us, and we can place our hope in His promises. Hondurans must do the same. 

Who will go to Honduras to tell them about what Christ has in store for them? Who will go to Central America? Make no mistake. If the people are not told, then they will never know eternal life with Jesus Christ. The suffering they go through on this earth will only be the beginning. Will you tell them? Will you go?

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Tracy Paver is a missionary to Chile working alongside veteran church-planting missionaries Jason and Lori Holt.

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