Horses Being Killed, Mutilated Across France

Orignal Aritcle:

Over the last few months, horses across Northern France have been being attacked, bled out, and mutilated. Police are flummoxed as to the motivations behind these cruel and gruesome attacks. Some have theorized that it could be related to the rites of an unknown cult or perhaps a “challenge” relayed via social media. Either way, horse owners across Northern France are appalled and terrified by these barbaric acts. 

For believers, this exemplifies the depravity borne in the heart of lost men. The truth that “dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty” is clearly shown by the heinous mutilations of innocent animals. While, we retract at these actions, let’s remember that the assailants are facing far worse in eternity if they do not hear the gospel. 

France is the 3rd largest country in Europe and in desperate need of gospel-preaching, disciple-making missionaries! Please, as you have pity on these horses have pity on the lost and condemned souls in France! 

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