Hours after Earthquake in Izmir, Turkey Survivors Pulled from Rubble

On October 30th Izmir, Turkey was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Many buildings were damaged and several buildings collapsed. One of the apartment buildings that collapsed was near an area I would go by from time to time. As soon as buildings fell, people began to try to rescue others trapped in the rubble.

You can look up the article and see the list of people and ages who have been pulled out. One of these was a 70 year old man who was pulled out of the rubble after being trapped under it for many hours. You can read his story here.

65 hours after the building fell 3-year-old Elif was pulled out of the rubble. Then 91 hours after the collapse of a building, another 3-year-old girl named Ayda was pulled out of the rubble. You can read their stories here: and here.

It is exciting to hear the stories of those that they are still finding alive. We should be praying as they continue to go through the rubble looking for survivors. Pray for all those who have been pulled out that they would make a full recovery.

Yet, what is most heartbreaking is the death toll. 115 people have died. Little Ayda, when pulled out, was calling for her mom, but shortly afterwards they found her mom had passed away in the rubble. These are not just people, these are souls.

Most, if not all who died, probably never heard the Gospel and when they died, they woke up in hell because they grew up believing that if they followed Islam, they would make it to heaven. It is heartbreaking to hear of those who have died.

Will you not only pray for the people of Turkey and those affected by the earthquake but will you join us in praying for more laborers for Turkey? At the moment, there is an open door in Turkey to share the Gospel. Will you pray God will use this to open peoples’ hearts and minds to the Gospel and that Turkey will be reached with the Gospel in this generation?

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Sine 2016 Brady has been a church planter to Turkey with Vision Baptist Church and Vision Baptist Missions.

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