It is worth the walk…

I do not put all my devotions on this blog. I have another blog for that. However, todays reading and application seem to be directed toward Trent the Youth Pastor and not just Trent the husband, son, friend, or child of God.

I Kings 12 tells the story of Rehoboam trying to maintain control of the kingdom after his father Solomon.

“Cooler” advice is not always better. 

The people of Israel that served the him as king came to him (v. 1) and told them that his father had made their yoke to heavy. Rehoboam consulted the older men and they told him to lighten the load. He, obviously, did not like that advice so he went to the younger men. They told him to make it even heaver and say “my pinky is thicker then my fathers abs”.

I find myself many times looking to the younger generation (those I grew up with) for advice on ministry, style of ministry, and how to form my convictions. Their answer seem more creative, more exciting, and better packaged in a colorful book with words I am used to using. However, the more tempered advice of older men is what I need. They have seen and experienced more. I am learning that sometimes the answer is not what seems easy, fun or creative. Ministry is full of hard decisions that take persistent and hard work.  

It is worth the walk.

This is not a personal shot at guys out there who would define themselves at emergent. However, even though it isn’t personal it is Biblical. If the sandle fits wear it or better yet take it off.

Jeroboam sets up a plan to take the loyalty away from Rehoboam. It sets up his own city. He realized that everyone liked worship so he thought how could I get a corner on the market. So he decided to make golden calves and tell the people that even though it isn’t what they were used to worshipping it was basically the same thing. Then he made hsi gods closer to the people so they did not have to go as far to worship. To help make worship even more marketable he chose common men, and not levites, to look over the gods — you know they had to be more relevant and much cooler.

By God’s grace, I will not make an “almost as good as” substitute for worship for my teenagers. Singing soul stirring, exciting, Bible saturated music man take more work but it is worth the work. To show them that God does not want to be their buddy but He is our Master will take work but it is worth it. We will not bring God down to a level that makes it easier for them to reach. We will teach them that it is worth the walk!

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Trent serves as an Associate Pastor at Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. He writes, speaks, and helps lead events that encourage people to "pioneer" in the work of sending.

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