June at the OGTC

Monthly Happenings Around the OGTC
This past month has been jammed-packed. It all started with the Vision Missions Orientation at Sand Mountain. Several of the students were able to sit in the classes and training for Vision Missionaries. The OGTC is very lucky to have a close relationship with VBM, the veteran missionaries, and Jeff Bush (who was also able to teach Old Testament Survey in a recent modular course at the OGTC.)
Micah Rastelli, missionary to Bosnia, taught on Soteriology on June 6th-8th. The students learned what the Bible teaches about salvation as well as the assurance God gives in the Scripture to those who believe in His Son.

On June 19th-23rd, the Our Generation Camp was held at Sand Mountain Bible Camp. We had close to 130 teens hear messages from missionaries from all around the world like David Gates who has served in Egypt, Mark Coffey from South Africa, and all the missionaries currently on deputation. God blessed, and the OGTC students all had a part in the camp and were able to see the next generation challenged with taking the gospel to the World.
The following week, the OGTC students had a practicum class with Pastor Trent Cornwell. They were able to visit places that will further their ministries in the future. The were able to go to Faith Baptist Tabernacle and hear great preaching at the Camp Meeting. On Wednesday they got to visit a funeral home and learn how to conduct funerals. It is my desire to make sure that when these students go to the field they are prepared to do ministry work.
The students this month have all had the opportunity to preach and be part of a camp. They have been permitted to sit in and listen to training that is meant for missionaries. Some of their classes were doctrinal in nature and others were practical. They led ministries, started Sunday school classes, and were involved in world evangelism. God has blessed me with some of the finest men and women in world. And I truly believe that God has blessed these students with opportunities to help them be prepared for the mission field.
Why don’t you consider what God could do with your life for the cause of world evangelism! If you have any questions or if you want some information, please feel free to contact me via email canfield@ogtc.org or call me at 770-825-3478.
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Robert Canfield is the Director of the Our Generation Training Center and a missionary with Vision Baptist Missions representing the continent of Africa.

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