Latin America News: Are Christians Ignoring the Wave of Unsaved Deaths?

By Chestley Howell, OGTC Intern

No one was prepared for COVID-19. As countries are overwhelmed by the invisible virus, many nations have put on a front when pressed about details in their fight against COVID. China changed its figures to look as if there were not as many people infected. Mexico hid its number of deaths to make it seem as if they were effective in combating the coronavirus. Ecuador, Honduras, and many more have not fully informed the public or have been unable to accurately calculate the toll the virus has had on its people.  

It seems as if we put up the same kind of facades in our own lives. We act like we are doing something about the innumerable souls headed to hell. We go to church; we have meetings, youth groups, and camps; we even have soul-winning classes, but are we going out and sharing the gospel? Are we giving our lives to tell others about the danger of dying in their sin without the saving grace of Jesus Christ? Many times, we change the numbers. We act as if we are effectively combating the virus of sin, when in reality, we may be substituting sharing the gospel with the lost for other activities. Instead of being a witness, we fill our lives with good works, good efforts, and good excuses that it is someone else’s job.

We declare that we are ready to be witnesses, that we are equipped to give others the cure for sin, but are we really prepared to share the gospel? Have we read the Bible through more than once, studied it for ourselves, and seen God at work in our hearts? Have we discipled others from salvation to maturity? Are we committing Scripture to memory? Are we establishing habits now that will prepare us for future opportunities? Are we truly preparing? 

If not, are you willing to commit to becoming a more effective witness for Christ? Our battle for souls has been going on far longer than the coronavirus’s existence. The front lines are all around us, especially now that so many are dying from COVID-19. If you truly desire to share with others the cure for their sin, how are you preparing to be a witness now?

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Tracy Paver is a missionary to Chile working alongside veteran church-planting missionaries Jason and Lori Holt.

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