Latin America News: Earthquake in Puerto Rico

Written by Courtney Mathos, OGTC Intern

On May 2, 2020, a 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Puerto Rico, with aftershocks registering as high as 4.9. This crisis happened just a few months after a prior earthquake in January and amid a quarantine to lower the cases of COVID-19. Due to the damage from the quake in January, there are still families living in shelters. The government announced that if they must leave their house due to infrastructure damage from the May earthquake, they must wear face masks, which are already in short supply. Currently, no other shelters are being offered for displaced people because of fear of spreading COVID-19, leaving even more people homeless and afraid.

In a time of mounting calamities, people can feel lost and without hope. However, darkness has existed in Puerto Rico for far longer than these present crises, and that is sin. The people in Puerto Rico don’t have the hope of eternity with Jesus that we Christians have. They need to hear the good news of the gospel. Who is willing to answer the call and tell the people in Puerto Rico about the one true God that loves them, died for them, rose again, and is offering them the free gift of salvation?

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Tracy Paver is a missionary to Chile working alongside veteran church-planting missionaries Jason and Lori Holt.

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