Latin America News: “I have no interest in going there with a Bible in hand.”

By: Courtney Mathos

As South America’s largest country, Brazil has 305 different tribes, with nearly 100 having no contact with the outside world. President Jair Bolsonaro appointed former New Tribes missionary, Ricardo Lopes Dias, to protect these isolated tribes, amid concerns about the future of these indigenous communities. Many people believe that these tribes are under attack from the President, who has stated that having land set aside for indigenous tribes restricts Brazil’s economic growth.

The current tug-of-war is centered on the potential economic gain that can be won from claiming and developing tribal land versus the cultural preservation of these isolated peoples. To placate those protesting his appointment, Mr. Dias stated that he has no intention of going to these tribes “with a Bible in hand.” He implied that he would instead take the lead from senior government officials regarding the no-contact policy.

The sad reality is that these tribes have been under spiritual attack for a long time. Instead of protecting these territories, who is going to start looking out for these peoples’ souls? Who is going to step out and share the Gospel with these indigenous peoples who are even now headed to an eternity in Hell, separated from Jesus? If given such a unique opportunity to contact people who have never heard of the Gospel, would you be willing to go with Bible in hand to tell them of the Savior?

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Tracy Paver is a missionary to Chile working alongside veteran church-planting missionaries Jason and Lori Holt.

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