Latin America News: Pray for Guayaquil

Guayaquil is a southern coastal city in Ecuador. It has a population of about 3 million people and has been hit especially hard by the Coronavirus. I know that this virus has and is causing many problems around the world, but I would like to share with you about the especially needed city of Guayaquil and ask you to pray for the people there.

The virus in Guayaquil has overloaded the public services, and the hospitals are being overwhelmed. There are currently about 2,250 known cases in the city; however, many people have symptoms of the virus but are not able to get testing or go to the hospital. There are probably many more cases in the city than the numbers report, but they do not have access to testing.

Some of the hospitals are so overwhelmed that some people are dying as they wait for care. One Guayaquil woman died in a wheelchair at a hospital while waiting to be seen in an emergency room. There were no beds available, and her body was left out for almost four hours before it was taken away.

One of the most tragic aspects of the virus in Guayaquil is the large number of dead, unburied bodies. The city’s task force is picking up over a hundred bodies every day, but there is still a backlog of almost 500 bodies. People are calling 911, and they are just getting told to wait, so now they are putting the bodies in the streets because they are beginning to smell. Sadly people are not able to bury their loved ones, so they are just trying to get their bodies out of the house.

Please pray for this city and this difficult situation. Also, pray for the souls that are dying without Jesus and that more laborers would go to this needy city and preach the Gospel.

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