Latin America News: Storm Eta and Guatemala

Hurricane Eta hit Guatemala after weakening into a tropical depression. President Giammattei said rescue efforts to find the storm’s survivors were limited by lack of adequate equipment and subsequent mudslides. There have been at least 10 deaths confirmed, with houses buried by mud and hundreds of people still waiting to be rescued from their flooded villages. Access to these villages has been difficult due to roads and streets being washed away by rain.

The people that live in these villages are suffering and have lost their land, homes, possessions, and even family members. They are still scared and hurting because of COVID-19 and are being housed in different shelters. They are without hope of knowing what the future holds and how they are going to move forward.

On top of their suffering from COVID and Eta, Guatemalans are without hope because of their lost and sinful state. So many are headed for Hell without ever hearing the true gospel. We cannot know if the people that died from Storm Eta were saved or not. But there are many more Guatemalans alive and in need of Jesus. There is a great opportunity to serve and witness here. Who will go and share the Good News in Guatemala so that they can have true and lasting hope?

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