Latin America News: Who Will You Warn Today?

By Chestley Howell

It was just another day at work for Manuel Cataño while driving his fuel truck in northern Colombia. But as he rounded a corner, a giant caiman blocked his route, causing Cataño to swerve. He lost control and overturned his truck, which held 5,000 gallons of fuel. Cataño was able to climb out of the truck unassisted. However, within minutes, residents from nearby Tasajera rushed to the tanker with large buckets and jugs, eager to get their share of the gasoline spilling all over the grass. When he tried to warn them of the fuel’s volatility and a possible explosion, Cataño was told by the residents to step aside. Within minutes, the tanker exploded, leaving 11 people dead and 53 injured. The ones closest to the truck were burnt beyond recognition, while the survivors all suffered burn wounds. Cataño tried to warn the people as they filled their buckets with fuel. He pleaded with them to leave. Yet they were willing to take the risk. The people ignorantly put themselves in danger to collect a few gallons of free gas, and they ended up paying for it with their lives.

Every day people ignorantly live for this life alone. They do not know the dangers of dying without Jesus and the consequences of hell. No one has warned them or raised the alarm. No one has told them of the eternal damnation and never-ending fire that lies one breath away.

Will you be a Cataño? Will you warn others of the danger of living life without faith in Jesus Christ? People do not see, hear, or understand the risks involved in living for themselves. They need someone to give them the gospel, to show them who they are, who God is, and what He’s done to save them. Most people on this earth are no different from those Colombians standing next to a fuel truck that’s about to explode. They live seconds away from burning in hell for eternity.

Who will you warn today?

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Tracy Paver is a missionary to Chile working alongside veteran church-planting missionaries Jason and Lori Holt.

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