Lessons to Young Preachers

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Austin Gardner is pastor of Vision Baptist Church in Alpharetta, GA. Previously he was church planting missionary in Peru for 20 years.
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  1. Glen South

    Thanks for the video. I have a question.

    You said that expository preaching should not be boring, because the message should be deep in our hearts and very dear to us. In the times where the message you’ve prepared doesn’t seem to move you as much as other messages, how do you still preach with passion without it being a facade?

    1. Great question, Ben. I think that as you study the Bible and work on the Scripture that God will work in you and give you strength over the sin. It is the Word of God working in us that will change us. Great comment.

  2. Kanon Bloom

    Enjoyed this video. I especially was helped by the part where you mentioned that we have to approach the Bible without preconceived notions and find out not what people say that the Bible says, but find out what God actually says. I often fall into the trap of letting Christian culture or people influence what I say that the word of God says.

  3. Thank you for these videos. I have heard sever people equate expositional preaching to boring, dry and dull preaching without application or passion, which is simply not true.

    Thank you for teaching and showing what is true expositional preaching, not just a running commentary, lecturing without aim, or sequential springboarding.

  4. Kevin Page

    Great video. Expository preaching keeps us in Bible fact instead of fleshy feelings. If expository preaching is boring, dry and dull and as preachers say can’t build a church preaching that way how about Jesus. I read where he preached to five thousand not counting women and children. I’ll do it like he did.

  5. Eric Elrod

    Thank you for the post. Great reminder to make sure before I stand to proclaim God’s word that I have first got alone with God and allowed His word to work in my heart first.

  6. Justus Mize

    Great stuff.

    I really have to be carful if of making sure my life is being changed by what I study to preach and is lining up with what I study.

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