Mayonnaise Ice Cream? Available in Japan!

In many countries around the world there are strange, weird and unusual snacks available.  Japan is no exception, they have Chocolate-covered shrimp crackers, Banana Yoghurt Fanta soft drink by Coca-Cola, Tomato Latte, and Mayonnaise Ice Cream to name a few.  These are just a few, as reported in this article. 

Now that you are thinking about Japan, did you know that it is the 11th largest country by population in the world?  Did you know that, although they are open to missionaries, they are only 1% Christian?  Will you pray for Japan?  Will you give so others can go?  Will you consider going to Japan to start churches and train men?  If you are willing, we can help you get there.  Contact the Center for World Evangelism today to find out how we can help you get to Japan or any other country that God would have you go.

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