Middle East News: Conflict in Syria

This week, Turkey shot down two Syrian fighter jets in a move to strengthen their help of Syrian rebel groups against the Russian backed Assad regime. This has obviously caused tension between Russia and Turkey. More fighting could easily break out in the Syrian region causing more deaths and injuries. For more details on what is going on, please refer to this article by the Wall Street Journal.

Please pray for the people in Syria and Turkey as most of these people do not have a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In Turkey, only 0.2% of the people claim to be Christian, while in Syria only 10% of the people claim to be Christian. The majority of people in both these places are Muslim. These people need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. It is the only way they can be saved and receive eternal life. Please be praying for God to send laborers to Turkey and Syria. Please pray for Turkey and Syria to be reached with the good news of Jesus.

Right now, two missionaries trained at the Our Generation Training center are going to Turkey. One family is already there and the other family is currently raising their funds. Would you pray that God would send more missionaries to go to these needy places?

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