Middle East News: Iran Leader Promoting Islam as the Savior of Human Society

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei has been praising Iran’s response and lifting up Islam as the answer to the problems of today’s human society. According to an article by breitbart.com the leader of Iran has been pointing to the US and how people have been fighting over toilet paper, and lining up to buy guns in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. He has been using this news in America as a way to show that Iran’s response has been better, than America and also to tell his people that Islam is the answer to the world’s problems and not Western materialism and society.

Mr. Ali Khamenei is right in saying Western materialism and society isn’t the answer to the problems of human society. But what he doesn’t know is that Islam isn’t the answer either. The problems of todays world are all a result of sin. Also, the penalty of sin is by far the biggest problem every human being faces. Only the God man Jesus Christ who died and rose again can forgive our sins. People in Iran and around the world need to hear this message. Would you pray for God to send laborers to take the Gospel to Iran. Would you consider if God would have you give your life to take the Gospel to Iran.

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