Ministry possibilities in Qatar

In my previous article, I highlighted the country of Qatar. Qatar is a Muslim nation located in the Middle East that is in great need of the gospel.

One possibility to establish a beachhead for the gospel in Qatar is media ministry. Christian radio and web pages could be used to advance the gospel in this country. There are approximately 200,000 Egyptian expatriates living in Qatar. Perhaps Egyptian Christians and other missionaries in the Middle East and North Africa would be able to establish such media ministries in the Arabic language that could be used to reach the Qatari with the gospel.

Pray that gospel radio and Christian websites would penetrate the homes and hearts of those living in Qatar. Pray that Arabic language radio and websites would have a powerful effect. Pray that the Lord would raise up laborers to enter the country and boldly share the gospel with the Qatari and its expatriate population.

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  1. Ebenezer Isaac Sam

    Grace and peace be multiplied unto you at the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ , amen .

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